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About TheMindClan

TheMindClan is a mental health platform dedicated to giving individuals access to a curated list of tools for mental health care. We aim to bridge gaps and foster connections between individuals and the mental health care providers and tools around them.

About Us

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Our Values

As individuals, we are grounded in feminist, social justice, LGBTQIA+ liberation, and other movements of inclusion. We center the needs and invite the experiences of each and every individual irrespective of factors that include but are not limited to, age, gender identity, sexuality, religion, caste, colour, and physical ability. Through discussions we learn, and through inclusion and empathy we grow individually, and as a community

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At TheMindClan we firmly believe that there is no cookie-cutter approach to mental health care. It is through community driven support that we are striving to make mental health a personal journey for all of us in India. You could say, we combine the nimbleness of a startup with the mission and values of a not-for-profit.

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Currently, this entire project is funded by the co-founders of the platform. We do not charge counsellors a fee if you reach out to them through The Mind Clan.

Shweta Srinivasan
Co-Founder, Chief Community Officer
Private Counsellor

Shweta comes with an earnest passion for and understanding of mental health. She is a practicing counsellor and her heart lies in getting to know the people underneath the problems that they present. Shweta has always yearned for safe spaces that address mental health and self-care, and that feel like home. She intends for TheMindClan to be that safe space for you.

Mani Kumar
Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

Mani brings with him a strong foundation in the media field with a core focus on branding, design, marketing and SEO. He believes that every individual has a powerful story that deserves expression – all they need is the right space and platform to be heard. Through TheMindClan, Mani hopes that individuals find the safe space to express their stories and discover themselves.

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Reach out to us! We’d love to know about journey in this space. Through discussions we learn, and through inclusion and empathy we grow individually, and as a community. We aren’t here to compete, we are here to collaborate.

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