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Stitching Under The Rainbow

  • Date Sunday, Jun 30 2024
  • Time @ 12:30pm - 5:30am
  • Event Medium Offline

Stitching Under the Rainbow Event

Event Overview: The Stitching Under the Rainbow Event is a creative and therapeutic gathering where participants engage in sewing, knitting, and other textile arts. This event promotes mental well-being, creativity, and community connection through the shared activity of stitching.

Event Goals:

  1. Promote Mental Well-Being:
  • Therapeutic Activity :Engage participants in a therapeutic activity that promotes relaxation, mindfulness, and mental well-being.
  • Stress Relief:Provide a creative outlet for stress relief and emotional expression.
  1. Foster Creativity:
  • Artistic Expression:Encourage participants to express their creativity through textile arts, exploring new techniques and designs.
  • Skill Development: Provide opportunities for participants to learn and develop new skills in sewing, knitting, and other textile arts.
  1. Build Community:
  • Inclusive Environment:Create an inclusive and supportive environment where participants can connect, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.
  • Social Interaction: Foster social interaction and mutual support among participants, building a sense of community and belonging.
  1. Celebrate Queer Creativity:
  • Visibility:Highlight and celebrate the creativity and contributions of queer artists and makers in the textile arts.
  • Showcase Work:Provide a platform for participants to showcase their work and share their creative process.
  1. Encourage Self-Expression:
  • Personal Projects: Allow participants to work on personal projects that reflect their identities, experiences, and emotions.
  • Collaborative Projects: Encourage collaborative projects that promote teamwork and community spirit.
  • Date: Sunday, Jun 30 2024
  • Time: @ 12:30pm - 5:30am
  • Number Of Sessions: Single Session
  • ETA:
  • Event Medium: Offline
  • Organized By: Organized By The Community
  • Address: 325, above DBS bank, Shree Amba Sadan, Khar - Bandra Linking Rd, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052
  •   Fee:   ₹ 500 - 1,000  
  • Notes from the organizer: Donation of ₹500-1000 (Payments beyond Rs. 500 will help fund therapy for people from the LGBTQIA community)
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