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Cis Gender Queer Women
  • Date Thursday, Aug 3 2023
  • Time @ 3:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Event Medium Offline
ARTS BASED GROUP THERAPY by Aryan Somaiya Event Banner

Arts based therapy uses different forms of Art to build deeper connection with self and others. Arts based has helped to uncover what is unseen and unsaid. These sessions will be conducted on every Sundays in-person in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

If you are cis gender queer woman, please enroll.

The process of joining the group entails application and needs assessment after which I shall confirm your participation. There is a commitment involved of 8 months and more details you will find on the application form.

You can check Aryan’s profile at www.guftagutherapy.in

By signing up you agree to be the part of selection process. Selection process has 1 (one) hour of interview to understand your concerns, expectations and your mental health experience to bring basic homogeneity in the group alignment.

Sessions will start from 3rd September however needs assessment will be done before that and confirmation of your participation will be notified by the end of August.

After which I shall share consent form and some to dos and donts to create safety within the group. By signing up you agree to participate in every formalities for enrolment.

Language of facilitation: English and Hindi

Commitment expected: 8 months

Venue: 424, 4th floor, Arenja Corner, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai (it is not disability friendly)

Sessions: Sundays 3-4pm (IST)

Duration of the session 1 hour

There will be photography and videography in each session for training purposes.

There will be one observer in the room to help and support the facilitator (to which details will be shared once you receive confirmation)

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    **Please Note: The above information can change at any time. It's highly recommended that you keep an eye on the event page and contact the facilitator for any changes in date, time, venue, or price that may occur**

    Link To Event:
    Guftagu counselling and psychotherapy services, 424, 4th floor, Arenja corner, Vashi Navi Mumbai [email protected] https://themindclan.com/events/arts-based-group-therapy-by-aryan-somaiya-19082023/
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