Have An Event?

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What Events Are We Looking To Feature?

  • Mental Health & Self-Care Events are a core focus of the platform. Your event may talk about any topic within Mental Health & Self-Care. Eg: Stress, Anxiety, Relationships, Etc.
  • Events that use creative mediums to talk about mental health. Eg: Poetry, Art, Dance, Storytelling, Etc.
  • Events that do not focus on alternative healing methods, fortune telling, cartomancy, psychic services, and other such practices.
  • Events that are interactive in nature, rather than one way/sided dissemination of information.
  • Events that cater to the masses in general (18+ Years), and are not directed to a particular age group, or line of work.
  • Events that affirm the agency of participants, rather than a top-down expertise approach.
  • Events that prioritize creating a safe space for sharing of personal experiences, stories and opinions by the participant.
  • View our community & contribution guidelines.