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Things to know about seeking therapy from them.

Therapy Services:

  • Individual Therapy (For Everyone)
  • Works With Queer Folks

City & Background

Jyothi John (She/Her) is a mental health counsellor from Delhi who practices online.

They're 34 years old and have been practicing since 12 years.

English, Hindi, and Malayalam are some of the languages they know, and hourly fee is (₹) 1,500 - 2,500.



They have the following qualifications: M.SC in counselling Psychology,M.phi in Psychology (non clinical).

Additional qualifications:Certificate Course in Narrative Therapy,Solution Focused Therapy and Art Based Therapy,Art Based Therapy (WCCLF,pune),2019.


Why they became a therapist.

"My interest and experiences as a person in how human dynamics impact an individual’s life led me to take up psychology in high school which led to further study counseling psychology and enabled me to become a therapist"

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What they'd like a client's first session to be like.

"I hope clients get a feeling that the I as a therapist is able to “get them”. A space where an individual feels unconditional positive regard, non-judgmental and empathetic space"

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How they make their practice a safe and affirmative space for queer and trans* folx.

"I provide them a non-judgmental and empathetic space. I am mindful and respect each individual’s unique experience with their experiences. I am open to getting a feedback for the therapeutic process to be safe enough for them. I attend workshops and supervisions to learn "

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Areas of concern they address in counselling.

"I work primarily with adults above 18years old till older age groups. The area of concerns I work with all psychological issues ranging from anxiety,depression,trauma,relationship issues, family or relationship issues, navigating change, personality disorders and issues related to navigating environment"

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A Quote Jyothi Resonates With.

"Therapy is a combination of empathy and challenge of kick and stroke.If you have a therapist who is constantly validating what you feel and doesnt challenge you, it’s all stroke and no kick. And if you have a therapist who is only challenging you—or if you feel like they’re not rooting for you—that’s problematic. ~ Salvador Minuchin"

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Accepts Enquiries via Email. Replies in 24 working hours (1 day).,
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