Get to know Knit Your Own Tale (Loneliness Support Group).

Safe space for anyone experiencing loneliness.


Basic Information

  • Fees Type: Paid
  • City: Online Only
  • Facilitated By: Mental Health Professionals
  • Languages: English
  • Meets: Weekly

What is the group about?

"Knit Your Own Tale is a psychoeducation, safe space for expressing one's challenges, creating a supportive community to reduce loneliness and enhance wellbeing through connection"

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What is your founding story?

"In the pandemic, when we were all distanced from one another an idea struck us to make use of the virtual platforms available to create a community of people connected through stories. We came up with the idea of Knit A Tale, for it to be a community of writers and creators. Our background in mental health helped this initiative and we wanted to bring a message of wellness and well being to our community. Hence came Knit Your Own Tale. That you …"

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Who is your group for?

"Knit Your Own Tale is for anyone who wants space for them to be themselves, to be accepted as they are to discuss their challenges and difficulties and find effective solutions for the same, together."

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How does one sign up? What’s the coordination process like?

"Individuals can join us by registering on our website, getting in touch with us on Instagram or emailing us."

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Walk us through the average format of your group session.

"Sessions typically last an hour or hour and a half. Start with an introductory activity, main activity or exercise of the session followed by reflections, closure and feedback."

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What do you hope for participants in your group to take back with them after a session?

"We hope our group members learn to cope with their day to day difficulties and can lead independent lives, that they feel a bit less lonely. We hope to see them explore their creativity, imagination and make some meaningful connections and friendships along the way."

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Sign Up Form Available. Accepts Participants via Email. 24 Working Hours,
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