Get to know ASHA Against CSA (Child Sexual Abuse Survivors Support Group).

Safe space for adult survivors of child sexual abuse and allies.


Basic Information

  • Fees Type: Free
  • City: Delhi
  • Facilitated By: Facilitators
  • Languages: English, and Hindi
  • Meets: Monthly
  • Participant Limit: 15
  • Only For Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

What is the group about?

"ASHA Meet-ups is a peer-support sanctuary for the adult survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) and their allies. This space is created by survivors, for the survivors. We host monthly meet-ups and explore different themes, patterns, coping mechanisms and life-strategies that we have adopted as the adult survivors of CSA. Through our meet-ups, we are lifting up the veil of stigma and shame, creating a growing community of survivors and allies."

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What is your founding story?

"The genesis of ASHA Meet-ups could be traced back to an uncanny friendship that was developed between two friends, Annie & Sahil. Coming in contact through other people while holidaying on a desolate beach near Kolkatta, Annie spoke to Sahil first of her experiences of being a survivor of child sexual abuse. They immediately developed a connection but it took Sahil 6 months of their friendship to finally tell Annie that he is a survivor as …"

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Who is your group for?

"Our support group is for the adult survivors of child sexual abuse and allies. We require the participants to be at least 18 years or above. We welcome people from different backgrounds, sexualities & genders."

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How does one sign up? What’s the coordination process like?

"We meet every month on a Sunday. The updates regarding the upcoming meet-up are available on our social media profiles, e-mails to the participants who have filled the meet-up registration forms, and WhatsApp updates, should a participant opt for it. There is a Google form link for the participants to register. We communicate further details via e-mail, Insta DMs, WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger. "

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Walk us through the average format of your group session.

"We commence the meet-up by knowing the correct gender pronouns of the participants & a feelings check-in. We then introduce the theme and the guidelines, followed by the leading questions regarding the theme. Towards the end, we discuss self-care mechanisms and end the session with a feelings check-out."

Join a session by ASHA Against CSA (Child Sexual Abuse Survivors Support Group).

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