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Things to know about seeking therapy from them.

Therapy Services:

  • Individual Therapy (For Everyone)
  • Works With Queer Folks

City & Background

Mehr Lungani (She/Her) is a mental health counsellor from Delhi who practices online and offline. They practice in Central and West Delhi.

They're 29 years old and have been practicing since 6 years.

English, and Hindi are some of the languages they know, and hourly fee is (₹) 1,800 - 3,000.



They have the following qualifications: MA Counselling Psychology.

Additional qualifications:Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (CHI-USA),Certificate in Dance/Movement Therapy (CID-UNESCO),South Asian Diploma in Narrative Practices (Narrative Practices India).


Why they became a therapist.

"I have been an avid reader since I was a child. The world that books created never felt "fictitious" to me. It was all true for someone somewhere. As I grew up, I found stories outside of books and inside people. The ability to listen, perceive, understand the world from a different lens through lived experiences was all the motivation I needed to step into the mental health profession. To be trusted with someone's story is the …"

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What they'd like a client's first session to be like.

"My only hope is that my clients feel seen and heard, that their stories find a place to be shared."

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How they make their practice a safe and affirmative space for queer and trans* folx.

"I am extremely respectful of the identity of all my clients. I use queer affirmative language in all my paperwork as well as sessions. I also continue to expand my knowledge by reading LGBTQ+ literature and resources. Further, I regularly engage in reflection of my own upbringing, attitudes and beliefs; acknowledge areas of privilege; and work on recognizing bias stemming from living in a heteronormative and gender-binaristic society."

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Areas of concern they address in counselling.

"Age group: 20-45years Concerns: issues of adjustment (caused by changes in geography, situations, relationships), relationship issues, work-life balance, miscarriages/abortions, stress, burnout"

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A Quote Mehr Resonates With.

"Come as you are and be ~ Mehr"

Reach out to Mehr for a session.

Accepts Enquiries via Email. Replies in 48 working hours (2 days).,
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