Queering The MehⓇ-trix | An Event by TheMindClan.com Community
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Queering The MehⓇ-trix

Queering The MehⓇ-trix

This event is a support group gathering by Queering The MehⓇ-trix.

What is Queering The MehⓇ-trix about?

This is a safe space for those struggling, questioning, stumbling, climbing, finding our way through the spectrum of sexuality, gender identity and everything around these themes. Those who attend our session find a sense of belonging, hard laughter (where we laugh at the hard stuff in life) and tools they can use in their own time ♥ Certain aspects of these discoveries will also be covered in our Let’s Discuss the MehⓇ sessions, however this space is here is specific for questioning humans or those in the early stages of their queer journey.

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