A Collection of Pieces

Opening Notes: “Below are a few short pieces written by me on the theme of mental health. Each piece is accompanied by an image, and are a part of my social media feed (Instagram and Facebook) for which they were originally created. Each image has been personally created in the form of an visual artwork or a photograph. Hope you like it!”

A Collection of Pieces |

There’s no answer to whether it is a good thing or a bad thing to be merely okay. On some days, that’s all we have. We have to make do. Okay is not necessarily a comfortable space. For me, it definitely isn’t. It is weird, platonic, a straight line.

But there are those amongst us, who find themselves stuck in dark spirals, who are struggling, caught in quicksand. Being okay could be a purposeless luxury. If you are there, fella, we want you to be O K A Y. You are valuable, and worthy. You’ll make it. You are not alone. Light and warmth await you. Choose a semicolon, not a full stop.

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One finds themselves increasingly agitated, worried, overthinking, underestimating self, undervaluing self love, self care, hustling, doubting, overwhelmed, full of How and What-ifs, more often than one would like. To you, I want to say this today.


B R E A T H E.

You owe it to yourself first, more than anyone or anything else. For all the causes you have chosen, you need to be okay. Find spaces in the chaos, pause.

Take a deep, cleansing breath. B R E A T H E

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On some days, T H I S is what it feels like. I don’t know how to describe the feeling. I don’t have a name to it. This is probably how my mind will look like, at that time. This is how many places it’ll be. How many different things I’ll be feeling.

My mind is allowed to look like this.

I will be kind to my mind.

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When you won’t let go of all that is holding you back, but desperately wanting to heal…


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Hope is that flower among all the dark and dull and drab. Not the brightest one maybe, but one that’s certainly there if you look for it. 🌻

What are you clinging on to?

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No issue one engages with is devoid of a mental health aspect to it, be it resources, gender, caste, livelihoods or rights & empowerment. It is an experience that is present in everything we do, everything we are. And the more one is aware of this, the better one is equipped to engage and negotiate with one’s own mental health ~

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The article above is a guest post written by Chetana Iyer. If you’d like to contribute to our resources through illustrations, stories or poems around mental health or self-care, reach out to us here. The opinions expressed & links embedded in this post are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of TheMindClan or its team.

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