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Understanding Intersex

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What is intersex?

Intersex is just another type of sex. Intersex individuals have physical, hormonal or genetic features that are neither ’typically’ female nor male. Intersex is simply a diverse variation of sex.

Some intersex characteristics are visible, others are not. Some are apparent at birth, while others become apparent during puberty or later in life—or are never discovered at all.

Some resources to help understand “Intersex” further:

Here is a compilation of resources by other organizations, collectives and people.

Video Resources

  • Defining the ‘Gender binary’

  • What Does Intersex Mean? | InQueery | them.

  • What It’s Like To Be Intersex

  • A different kind of superpower: what it means to be intersex | Susannah Temko

In Closing:

Intersex is not a disorder, not a sign of ill health or a deformity that needs to be treated. We hope the resources shared above helped you challenge the [binary of ‘sex’.

Challenging and unlearning binaries also means challenging our need for ‘order’ and what’s dominantly known to us. It’s only natural then that you may feel uncomfortable, worried or confused in this process.

Diversity in sex, gender and sexuality is beautiful and complex. This complexity should be honoured and celebrated, and the first step is often challenging the binary.

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